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These install notes come from a very old website of mine from the early ’90s. I managed to track this down after someone emailed me about my old machine, which they had come into possession of. I was glad to hear that the old monster was still running. I have no idea who originally wrote […]

I’ve spent too much time recently trying to bring up an old 486DX2/66 with a version of Windows 3.X with TCP/IP. Rather than record all my mistakes, I decided to just share this video on how to do it properly.

So far we’ve set up and Econet Level 1 server, and a Level 2 server. Now it’s time to try Level 3. Again we’ll be using an emulation of a BBC Model B with a 65C02 Second Processor and two floppies. So we’ll be carrying on with pretty much the same hardware set up as […]

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Ok, so we’ve set up an Econet Level 1 file server, so now we might as well kill it and have a Level 2 server instead. Why bother? Well, Level 2 gives us usernames and passwords for a start, which makes it seem more like a proper system and doesn’t restrict the same station to […]

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There are some things that maybe shouldn’t be done. Emulating a network of ’80s 8-bit micros is probably one of them. The idea here is to set up, under emulation, the file server for an Acorn Econet network, and then add a client running on the same host. After that, we’ll try a client running […]

As WinXP is now officially an old operating system, I suppose I can get away with connecting it to a network that connect old and emulated kit. So it is time for the aged Dell X300 to join HECnet, a DECnet. Obviously, to do this I’m going to need an XP machine. Luckily my main […]

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Finally I’ve got around to tinkering with DECnet for Linux (again!). DECnet had been in the Linux Kernel for a long time, but very few people used it. This probably explains why it was marked as “orphaned” in the kernel in February 2010. As I’ve not had any success getting it to work on any […]

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I recently bought a Barracuda 300 Spam Firewall Appliance on eBay for about £20. That pittance got me an AMD 64 LE-1300 with an 80GB SATA HD and 2GB of memory in a 1U rack mount case. The idea was to install Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (64 bit) on it, and use it as my […]

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I’ve never used RSX-11, or a real PDP, so for once this little project isn’t a pointless trip in to nostalgia-land, but a genuine attempt at me trying to learn something new (old actually). I have no use for an RSX install (unlike the VMS and Ultrix installs, which I actually use), so this is […]

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It has taken a while, but I’ve finally got around to trying DECnet for Ultrix 4.0. For this you’ll need an image of the DECnet for Ultrix 4.0 install tape [here] You’ll also need a license to use it. You can find one if you look hard enough on t’internet but I’m not going to […]