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It has taken a while, but I’ve finally got around to trying DECnet for Ultrix 4.0.

For this you’ll need an image of the DECnet for Ultrix 4.0 install tape [here]

You’ll also need a license to use it. You can find one if you look hard enough on t’internet but I’m not going to tell you where from.

Then you’ll need to edit your simh vax.image to mount it.

Once this is done and you’ve booted the system:

# setld -a /dev/rmt0

Please make sure your installation tape is mounted and on-line.
Are you ready (y/n)? y
Positioning Tape

*** Enter Subset Selections ***

The subsets listed below are optional:
1) DECnet-ULTRIX base software          2) DECnet-Internet Gateway
3) DECnet On-line Manual Pages          4) DECnet-ULTRIX Unsupported Software

5) All of the Above
6) None of the Above
7) Exit without installing subsets

Enter your choice(s): 1 3

You are installing the following subsets:
DECnet-ULTRIX base software             DECnet On-line Manual Pages

Is this correct? (y/n): y

Copying DECnet-ULTRIX base software (DNUBASE400) from tape
Verifying DECnet-ULTRIX base software (DNUBASE400)

Copying DECnet On-line Manual Pages (DNUMAN400) from tape
Verifying DECnet On-line Manual Pages (DNUMAN400)

Configuring the node to run the DECnet-ULTRIX V4.0 base software.

You will be asked a few questions during the DECnet-ULTRIX V4.0

If you need more information to answer a question, you can type ?
at the prompts, or consult the DECnet-ULTRIX Installation manual.

The DECnet library routines are now located in their own
library, -ldnet.

The next question confirms that you are ready to configure your
system to run DECnet at this time.  To configure DECnet, you need to
know what your DECnet node name and address are.  Also, if you want
to configure your DECnet nodes database during this configuration
process you need to know the DECnet names and addresses of those
nodes you wish to define.

If you answer "no" to this question now, you will be told how you can
configure DECnet later.

1. Do you want to configure your system to run DECnet? (y/n) [y]: y

2. What is your DECnet node name? (1-6 chars) []: skagra

Your node name is skagra

Is this correct? (y/n) [n]: y

3. What is your DECnet node address? (aa.nnnn) []: 1.253

Your node address is 1.253

Is this correct? (y/n) [n]: y

4. What is your DECnet Node Identification -
string? (1-32 chars) []: SKAGRA Ultrix 4.0 VAX

Your node identification string is

SKAGRA Ultrix 4.0 VAX

Is this correct? (y/n) [n]: y

5. What is the name of the device on which you will be
running the DECnet software? (dev-c) []: ?

A DECnet device is of the form device-unit.

DECnet-ULTRIX supports the following devices :

DECnet name     ULTRIX Equivalent
-----------     -----------------
una                de
dmc                dmc
dmv                dmv
xna                xna
bnt                ni
qna                qe
sva                ln
ne                 ne

The unit number is an integer between 0 and 65535.

For example, de0 is called una-0 in DECnet-ULTRIX.

You must answer with the DECnet name for each device.

5. What is the name of the device on which you will be
running the DECnet software? (dev-c) []: qna-0

Your DECnet device name is qna-0

Is this correct? (y/n) [n]: y

Modifying rc.local
Initializing DECnet database

After verifying that the system is operating properly with DECnet
installed you may wish to remove the following saved file:
- /etc/rc.local.sav[n]

8. Do you want to start DECnet now? (y/n) [y]: y
Turning DECnet on ...

Event type 4.10, Circuit up

Occurred 28-Apr-87 08:08:42.0 on node 1.253

Circuit QNA-0


Note: There is no guest account in your system.  If you wish to access
this system from remote systems, you should have a guest account.
A guest account allows access when no user name or password is
specified.  A guest account is needed for the proper operation of
dlogind, dtermd, mir, and dtr.

You should set a password for this account to prevent unauthorized
access to your system.

Rewinding Tape...
Event type 4.15, Adjacency up

Occurred 28-Apr-87 08:09:07.0 on node 1.253

Circuit QNA-0

Adjacent node = 1.13

# adduser

Enter login name for new user (initials, first or last name):  guest
Enter uid for new user [2003]:  1997
Enter full name for new user: Guest Account
What login group should this user go into [users]:

Enter another group that 'guest' should be a member of
(<RETURN> only if none):
Enter parent directory for guest [/usr/users]:
The shells are:

/bin/sh           /bin/csh          /usr/bin/ksh      /usr/bin/sh5

Enter the users login shell name [/bin/csh]:

Adding new user ...
Creating home directory...
Until the password is set for guest they will not be able to login.
Changing password for guest
Enter new password:
# exit
# shutdown now
Shutdown at 08:12 (in 0 minutes) [pid 657]
System shutdown time has arrived

# halt
syncing disks... done

HALT instruction, PC: 8008FA61 (BRB 8008FA60)
sim> exit
NVR: writing buffer to file
Eth: closed eth2

When you bring the system back up it should be working ok.



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