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So, it is time to try to install a Web Server on the emulated Vax.

First, you’ll need to get a copy of UNZIP.

I used the version at, renamed it and put it at dua1:[pi.utils]unzip.exe (for the moment i’m keeping utilities in that directory until i decide where to put them).

Then, to make things easier:

$ unzip:== $dua1:[pi.utils]unzip.exe

WASD seems to be the logical choice for the server

To start, we’ll need to get these two files on to the simulated Vax:

I downloaded them on to my Ubuntu machine, then FTPed them onto PIVAX, into my default user’s home directory which is DUA1:[pi] . Just get them there.

As I’m using DUA1 for user files, I decided to install the web server on the currently unused DUA2 virtual drive. So:

$ set proc/priv=all
$ set def dua2:[000000]
$ unzip dua1:[pi]
$ unzip dua1:[pi]

(some sleeping can be done during those last two steps)

So now we can carry on.

$ set def [.wasd_root]
$ @install

At the build options screen select option 2 (linking), and wait for a while. Empires may rise and fall, Mists of Pandaria may well be released.

Eventually you’ll be asked to specify a couple of UICs for the server to use. I used [210,210] and [211,211] as I knew they were usused, and went with the default directories. I also answered “YES” to all the defaults (as I was running on guesswork by this point).

After it all finishes, you can run a demo (and CRTL-C to leave it):

$ @[.install]

You should be able to access the server on port 7080 on the relevant IP address (on my local network it was

Now you can start the server up properly with:


Which brings up a clone of the WASD homepage on port 80 (the default set of web pages for the installation, on the default port).

You’ll probably want to delete all the .html and .gif files, and the entire [.doc] directory, and create your own site.

To make the web server run when the system starts up, you’ll probably want to add that command to the end of sys$ too.

So now, I’ve got the VAX running a webserver on port 80 (as I can’t work out how to change it).I suppose I ought to make up some pages for them now.