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It is time to get TCP/IP up and running on the PIVAX. So once again I’m cribbing this from Phil Wherry’s guide to running VMS on SIMH and Linux. (Note, from now on PIVAX is the simulated VMS machine, and vax-pi is the Raspberry Pi on which it runs.) The fake MAC address of PIVAX […]

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(Updated 24th Jan 2017) This is just a quick note on acquiring the license keys for OpenVMS. To apply for a license, go to HPE OpenVMS Hobbyist Registration. You’ll need your personal details, along with a Participating Chapter and Membership Number. The easiest way to do this is to join DECUServe. To do this (and […]

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Emulating a MicroVAX 3900 running OpenVMS 7.3 on a Raspberry-Pi…   Starting from my Common Debian Raspberry Pi/Debian Networking SD image some things need to be installed. sudo apt-get install m4 sudo apt-get install flex sudo apt-get install bison At this point creating a user for the Vax and switching to that user is probably […]