As WinXP is now officially an old operating system, I suppose I can get away with connecting it to a network that connect old and emulated kit. So it is time for the aged Dell X300 to join HECnet, a DECnet.

Obviously, to do this I’m going to need an XP machine. Luckily my main desktop just happenens to be one.

Also I’m going to need Pathworks for Windows32. Luckily, it can be found at

So, after a few minutes waiting for it to download, and a few more minutes unzipping and extracting the ISO into a directory, we have this:

So launch “autoplay.exe” and up comes the Pathworks istall screen:

Obviously go for Network Connectivity as that is what we are looking for, click Next>:

So we want Custom Installation and the Next>:

Accept the default location and go for Next> and when asked, yes you do want to create the directory.

I’m not exactly sure why that one-option dialogue exists, but just click Next>

There you want to be putting your computer name and network address. If connecting to HECnet then arrange them with the admin first.  Then click Next>

Select both options and go Next>

At this point you do NOT wasnt the licensing agent. De-select it and hit Finish.

Files will be copied, settings set,  and something like this will come up:

Now my system shows duplicates for each device. Try to select the correct one. I was tearing my hair out about it not working before I tried the other one.

At this point if you want to rename the Windows Networking name of your computer, you should. It will save you a reboot.

Click OK and accept the expected reboot.

After the box comes back up, pop open a CMD window and check that the MAC address had been changed to one that DECnet likes:

If it doesn’t start AA-00 then you picked the wrong interface back there and will have to start again.

The next step is to get the node list. So, in your CMD window:

This will either list all the node info it is copying, or tell you that it already has them. Or, if you don’t have the HECnet bridge running on another machine, fail utterly.

If it works, you can now install Powerterm and eXcursion and play away merrily.



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