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I recently bought a Barracuda 300 Spam Firewall Appliance on eBay for about £20. That pittance got me an AMD 64 LE-1300 with an 80GB SATA HD and 2GB of memory in a 1U rack mount case.

The idea was to install Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (64 bit) on it, and use it as my media file server, dropping a 3TB drive inside at and hanging 2x2TB off the USB ports.

So… how did it go?

Well, remarkably painlessly. Everything worked first time once I got the BIOS password (easily found on google), and convinced it to boot from USB.

There was a minor issue with the Ubuntu set-up not allowing me to specify a fixed IP address, but that was fixed with a simple network scan and a modification of /etc/interfaces.

As the first step in replacing my pile of old desktop machines acting as servers, this has got off to a good start. So good, in fact, that I’ve ordered another one, and a Barracuda 410.

Now I have to look for a suitable rack unit.



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