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Sometimes, running a full system emulation is nice, but overkill. Maybe you just want to run a few cherished programs, rather than relive the whole glory/horror of an ancient system.

Maybe you once wrote a really atrocious text adventure for CP/M 2.2 on the Amstrad PCW8256, and want to reminice every ten years.

If so, 22NICE is probably the best bet for you.

22NICE is an emulator that dates back to about 1991, just as MS-DOS was becoming ubiquitous, and CP/M was on the way out. It was a nice (ha ha) simple compromise with minimal faffing to get it working.

So, with a minimum, of faffing, get it working we shall!

Firstly, we are going to need to install DOSBox. Without this, everything will run uncontrolably fast. So away to to download the installer (which obviously you need to install).

Next, you’ll need to grab a copy of 22NICE by Sydex. (Oddly 22NICE has been missing from their official website for a very long time, and the copy stored here is from the long-long ago when people still talked of “shareware”).

Next you’ll need to unzip it somewhere convenient. For me this was C:\CPM\

Now copy in your old CPM binary tat, and rename the files from .COM to .CPM

Fire up DOSBox, and mount the CPM directory:

mount c: c:\cpm\

Run GENCOM on all the CPM files to specify the console, keyboard, and processor type. Yeah, that’s a bit faffy, so I tested it with:


Coresponding .COM files will be created, and from now on, that old CP/M stuff should work just dandy… if still a little fast. Use Ctrl-F11 to slow it down, and Ctrl-F12 to speed it up.

If you really want a copy of my old crap game, then you can find it here.



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